Power supply Mining KIT 1200W

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The ultimate and most popular power supply for mining is back! Read the description if you choose not to include a 24 PIN adapter.

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We can finally offer the most popular power supply for mining!

This power supply from HP has been used in servers for many years but has in recent years become number 1 in mining.

This is because these are created to be on 24/7 and always under load!

With our included breakout board, you will be able to connect 16 of the PCIE cables to your graphics cards / risers!

Guide for how to put everything together can be found here!

Power supply specifications:

Input: 110V-240V

Max output @ 200V-240V: 1200W

Power cord: C13

Efficiency rating: 80 Plus Platinum

24 PIN adapter (NOTE IMPORTANT):

This adapter is mandatory for most mining rigs as it supplies power to your motherboard as well as your SSD / HDD.

Without this adapter, you will not be able to power the motherboard.

This adapter also comes with a 6 PIN (male) -> 6 (female) extension that you plug into the 6 PIN socket in the middle of the board.

The adapter receives power from the black 6 PIN connector and converts this to 24 PIN + 4 PIN CPU + SATA + MOLEX.

NOTE: our newer PICO models dont need an extension and don't come with one, we have extended the cable length.

Breakout board Specifications:

Electronic button on / off function

The board has 17 x PCIE 6 PIN outputs

Protected underside

LED volt screen

This includes:

1200W HP Power Supply

Board with 17 x 6 PIN socket

12 - 16pcs 6 -> 8 PIN cables (depending on your choice)

Adapter 24 PIN with 6 PIN extender (depending on your choice).

0.5m Mains cable C13 for EU sockets (see last picture)

Please check out our 1200W PSU Kit Guide if you need extra guidance!

Please note that the power supplies have been used sparingly in the past in a server environment.

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